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 We LOVE Big Jess and his one blue eye!!!!!!! We got Jess from the Black Hills of South Dakota. He was being used as a dude horse for unguided trail rides for 3 years until the dude ranch shut down. The previous owner informed us he was broke to ride and drive. We can attest that he is a AWESOME riding horse and a perfect boy for us rookie drivers. He has been ridden on the beach.

When we purchased Jess the owner told us he was a Cylde/Paint cross and was 8 years old. Through a series of lucky events we actually found his original owner in Minnesota, They were able to tell us alot about Jess! One of the great things is that he is a registered Clydesdale.

Jess has character in spades!!! He is just the biggest Teddy Bear and has been a first rate trail horse. Jess has also done great in a show arena and we may show him some in Western Pleasure and halter this year. We actually love Jess so much that our asking price of $6000 is very firm, but if your looking for the perfect "husband" horse for a large man this is the one. But be forwarned if you ride Jess you will be noticed and people will ask you all about him. He just has that presence and magnatism found in a few special horses!   


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Teddy was a spur of the moment purchase that has turned out great! Teddy is an unregistered Gurulla horse that has black stripes on his legs and the tips of his ears. We were told he is approximately 11 years old and came from a working ranch on the ID/OR border. When we had his teeth done the vet looked at them and agreed that he is between 10-12 years old. Teddy is around 15.3 hands and has an old school stock horse type build (big and stocky!). He acts like he thinks he is a pretty boy but he is always ready to go to work! We've been using him as a trail horse and we've not found much that seems to phase him. He goes out alone or with other horses and the few times he's been around cattle he acts like he knows what he's doing. Teddy is really light in the mouth and has been a joy to ride and has taken care of his rider when he does something foolish!

Were asking $1750 for Teddy and while this may seem high for an unregistered horse but if your looking for a good big mans horse for trail riding or an occasional day of helping the neighbor work some cattle this horse is the one you need.  


BE AECH LEO BUG (Leo) - AQHA # 496063 (2007)

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We purchased Leo for Jody to use as a show horse, reiner and cutting horse. He had a year of reining training at a training barn in California and has been exposed to basic roping.   He does the basics, plus spins, sidepasses, flying changes, moves off leg and neck reins.  He could show reining with a tune-up.  Has been trail ridden and overnighted some (we hope to increase this with him).  Has roped the Heel-O-Matic and chased cows out of the box.  Tried barrels with him but it's not for him.

Sweet boy that has also been used for the kids.   Very friendly and loves attention.  Really loves to eat sugar cookies.  LOL.  Only vice is he cribs.  With a collar he doesn't.  Has GREAT bloodlines.  Only 5 years old.  Asking $7000

Tripp L Cue Chex - (Newt) AQHA # 3527465 (1996)



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For 2 months in the summer of 2012 both Jody and I kept seeing this handsome Dun horse in a small pasture on the edge of Burns. He was a 15.3-16 hand gelding with an awesome build. Both of us commented on him and said we would like to buy him if he ever came up for sale. One day a for sale sign was put up on the fence and we went to look at him.

Newts owners had not had him for very long but unfortunately had not really taken care of his feet like they should of and he was off on one side in the front. BUT his personality and confirmation led us to make an offer on him which was accepted. After having our expert farrier work on his feet he showed improvement so we took him to the Bend Equine vet and had some Xrays done. The Xrays showed that he had a strained tendon. The vet said give him the winter off and he will be good as new. We've been on him a couple of times to walk him around the arena just to see what he knows and he appears to be very well trained. We are looking forward to this summer when we can start using him and seeing just how nice a horse he actually is.   After talking the the 2nd previous owner, Newt has some roping training but just was fast enough.  So, he was trail ridden by his owner and his 14 grandaughter. 

At this time we've not set a price for him until we see how he recovers and we get to spend some time on him to see what kind of training he has under saddle but judging by his ground manners we expect great things from him.